Find the best bunk beds in Austria


Find the best bunk beds in Austria

At 30m2 we are professionals in the manufacture of bunk beds in Austria. Our designs are focused on space optimization and guest comfort. This is ideal for hostels, hostels or accommodations where different people cohabit in common areas.

Our bunk beds are designed for each of our customers and their requirements and conditions. At 30m2 we think of each product with the purpose of adapting to these specific situations in order to provide the comfort and quality you expect from us.

Bunk beds in Austria with great benefits

Discover the facilities of the bunk beds in Austria. At 30m2 we care about satisfying the needs of each of the projects we work on. That’s why all our customers have benefited from the great advantages of our products.

  • Space optimization: with our bunk beds space saving in the room is possible due to their verticality, which allows two or more people sleep in the same place. The Locker ranges have lockers to store the belongings of each guest.
  • Organization and order: our bunk beds facilitate the organization of the room thanks to the lockers of the Locker range, mentioned above. This not only helps coexistence in hostels or hostels where sleeping areas are shared, but also in private rooms…
  • Long durability: at 30m2 we design each product with the idea that our client will get the most out of it. That is why we work with a quality material that guarantees an excellent conservation of the bunk beds and a greater resistance to scratches or blows.
  • Comfort and safety: a safe bunk bed must guarantee a correct stability so that people can rest properly regardless of their weight or age. The access steps to the top bunk must be sturdy and safe to avoid the risk of falling or slipping.
  • Customized design: in 30m2 we offer the opportunity to customize the bunk beds, being able to choose from a large number of styles and models to find the one that best suits the aesthetics and conditions of each client.


Types of bunk beds

In 30m2 we have a wide selection of bunk beds in Austria. Discover all our designs and find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Hostel bunk bed: The classic bunk bed and star product of 30m2. This model allows the greatest optimization of space and a comfortable and safe access to both beds.
  • Hostel Locker: With an integrated locker system, the design of the Locker bunk beds allows the safe storage of each guest’s personal belongings.
  • Hostel Duo Locker: Double bunk beds with the same locker storage mode as the basic Locker range. Ideal for furnishing and organizing hostel and hostel rooms.
  • Hostel Intimate: With built-in curtains on each bed, this model ensures privacy for all users who want an intimate moment in a shared space.

Discover all the benefits of 30m2 bunk beds. Contact us for more information.