Bunk beds with drawers: offering all-round advantages

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Bunk beds with drawers: offering all-round advantages

One of the most important considerations when installing bunk beds in shared rooms is the opportunity to save space. A good option to make sure you achieve this is to opt for bunk beds with lower drawers in order to obtain extra space and take advantage of each and every square metre.

A bunk bed that incorporates drawers is a practical piece of furniture that offers the added benefit of organisation and storage. While single beds or traditional bunk beds often get dirty and fall into disrepair, buying bunk beds with these types of added accessories brings you a range of advantages and opportunities for your accommodation.

Bunk beds with drawers: all the advantages

Bunk beds featuring built-in drawers offer the following advantages:

  • Tidiness: As we mentioned above, drawers are the best option to bring organisation and tidiness to any room. This is especially useful if we have to furnish shared rooms in places like tourist establishments, homes for the elderly or health centres.
  • Cleanliness: this factor is closely linked to tidiness. As their structure is completely closed, these bunk beds don’t allow dust and dirt to enter the bed, making the inside cleaner.
  • Practicality: the sliding mechanism makes the drawers a practical and comfortable solution, which barely require effort for opening and closing.
  • Design: bunk beds featuring drawers usually follow a similar aesthetic look, making for modern and attractive designs, with drawers being the ideal complement for a useful and quality piece of furniture. In addition, these bunk beds can normally be customised.
  • Location: the drawers allow us to store different objects or belongings, making them essential for hostels or other shared accommodation where guests require personal space.
  • Versatility: we can store any object we need in the drawers, offering unique versatility for a classic piece of furniture.
  • Size: the drawers consist of a large space under the bed, which allows us to take advantage of them for excellent storage space.
  • Savings: we often have to buy additional furniture, such as lockers or small cabinets in order for our guests to be able to store objects. With the drawers featured in this model, no other furniture is needed.

30m2 Locker bunk beds

30m2 offers a range of locker bunk beds that incorporate drawers under the lower bed. In any hostel, youth hostel or other type of group accommodation, the tidiness and cleanliness of rooms is essential. For this reason, 30m2 has made this range of bunk beds with the needs of these spaces at the forefront of the design.

The lower drawers located at ground level can be used to store any kind of object or belongings, offering a cosier space where everything the guest needs is on hand. In addition, the 30m2 Hostel Locker bunk bed is made with a steel plate structure, meaning that it’s resistant and highly durable.

Intimate Locker range for more space and privacy

From the same range as the Hostel Locker bunk bed, we find the Intimate Hostel Locker selection, which, in addition to the lower drawers, offers a plus in privacy and comfort thanks to the curtains placed on both beds.

The Intimate line offers the possibility of creating more intimate spaces within shared accommodation spaces. Finding time for oneself is often difficult, and more so if staying in a shared room, which is why 30m2 opted for these special and unique bunk beds.

The intimacy offered by the 30m2 bunks is reinforced by the incorporation of lockers since which offer a very large and useful storage space in addition to the privacy that this model provides. The beds also feature products like wood or phenolic panels. USB connections and LED power points to create unique environments.

Still don’t know which bunk to choose to create your perfect shared rooms? Do not hesitate to get in touch with 30m2!