Resistant adult bunk beds: features and properties

resistant adult bunk beds

Resistant adult bunk beds: features and properties

While we often think of bunk beds as being for kids, the reality is that not only children can benefit from the advantages of bunk beds, especially with the availability of resistant and sturdy adult bunk beds.

Bunk beds don’t differ that much from bunk beds for children. However, bunk beds designed for children’s rooms usually have more accessories to guarantee the safety of the youngest members of the family.

Advantages of bunk beds for adults

The resistant bunk beds for adults are one of the best options to equip hostels, youth hostels and other shared accommodation since they offer a series of advantages:

  • Use of space: a bunk bed provides two or more sleeping places in the space of a single bed. This can be a great advantage, especially for tourist establishments. In addition, this optimization of space leads to greater cleanliness and order in any room.
  • Resistance: modern bunk beds are made of very resistant materials, such as metal. This means that the bunk beds withstand heavy weights and remain firm for a long time, meaning they are extremely durable.
  • Versatility: although bunk beds for children have more stereotypical designs, bunk beds for adults are very versatile since, apart from the traditional ones, there are many other types of bunk beds that can provide alternative solutions to a range of problems, including issues caused by a lack of space.
  • Safety: Bunk beds for adults must meet the same quality and safety standards as children’s bunk beds. Although it may seem that adults are less prone to accidents, everyone moves involuntarily while sleeping, regardless of age, so having the proper barriers and stairs is essential.

Types of bunk beds

There are many different types of bunk beds. The most common models are:

  • Traditional bunk beds :These are the classic bunk beds, with an upper and lower bedconnected by a ladder.
  • Double bunk beds: these consist of bunk beds for adults with a double bed. In general, the lower bed is double and the upper one is single. Some bunk beds also feature two double beds.
  • Folding bunk beds: these types of bunk beds are one of the most functional models, especially when it comes to a very small room. They are totally hidden during the day as they fold in on themselves and can be unfolded at bedtime.
  • Folding bunks: this is another of the most innovative solutions, thanks to a piston system, the upper bed rises to leave the lower bed visible and accessible. This means that the model looks like a regular bed when the bunk isn’t in use.

The 30m2 Locker and Intimate range

30m2 features a selection of sturdy adult bunk beds that feature bottom drawers so you can make the most of your space. This model opens up a wide range of options and provides solutions for one of the most common problems in the case of shared rooms.

The 30m2 locker range features lockers located in the lower bed where any object can be stored. This integrated locker means that we achieve a more organised space that facilitates easy cleaning.

Another feature of the Locker bunk bed is its robustness. It is made using 1.5mm thick riveted and welded sheet steel. This makes it the market leader in terms of both strength and durability.

Meanwhile, our Intimate Hostel Locker bunk beds feature extra privacy and comfort as they incorporate curtains on both beds for a more personalised environment, as well as integrated lockers.

Creating more intimate spaces within shared facilities is possible with the special and unique bunk beds featured in this new 30m2 selection.