The importance of getting good rest: the benefits of hostel bunk beds

benefits of hostel bunk beds

The importance of getting good rest: the benefits of hostel bunk beds

Generally speaking, we tend to underestimate the importance of getting enough rest. However, it goes without saying that rest is an important factor for health and well-being. Being able to enjoy a proper night’s sleep is even more important when we travel, meaning that comfortable and safe hostel bunk beds will make a huge difference to any traveller’s accommodation.

30m2 offers a huge catalogue of bunk beds and beds that are designed for hostels, group accommodation, hotels, youth hostels, and tourist apartments. The design and structure of our bunk beds is thought up with the contract sector firmly in mind meaning that they fit perfectly into group accommodation which experiences a large influx of guests.

Therefore, the 30m2 hostel bunk beds offer a full range of benefits so that travellers can rest properly before continuing their adventures. When it comes to good quality rest, being able to recharge batteries is important because, when we rest, the immune system is strengthened, bodily inflammation is reduced, and concentration and mental capacity improve. This enhances both our energy levels and mood.

Why is rest important?

Many people believe that the worst effect of lack of sleep is feeling lethargic or low on energy throughout the day and often dismiss this as a trivial problem, thinking that they can sacrifice good quality sleep.  The problem is that lack of sleep has consequences beyond physical fatigue.

  • Lowered abilities: There is a direct relationship between lack of sleep and a temporary decrease in the effectiveness of some psychological processes, such as intelligence, attention span or memory. These factors are even more important when traveling.
  • Health problems: not sleeping enough hours significantly increases the risk of suffering from some diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or a stroke.
  • Decreased general well-being: Lack of sleep lowers testosterone in men, and too little sleep is linked to an increase in cortisol, a substance known as the stress hormone. Apart from that, it is also positively correlated with an increase in problems such as anxiety and depression.

Finding comfort on the go

As we have just seen, sleep is fundamental for doing our daytime activities. Good rest equals performance and good memory, as well as more agility in learning new things. This means that getting a good night’s sleep before and during a trip is essential for anyone’s enjoyment of their holiday.

In reality, many times it is chosen to make a long trip without any stops or with a minimum break on the route. Choosing a good hotel, hostel or youth hostel to rest well is paramount, and the level of comfort achieved very often comes down to the type of hostel bunk beds that we find when we reach our accommodation.

In addition, travellers will often leave bad reviews if they don’t achieve the right level of comfort at their chosen accommodation. On the other hand, if they get good-quality rest, this will often be reflected in positive comments and reviews.

Bunk beds: features and benefits

Bunk beds are ideal for creating more available space and these space saving features make them ideal for hostels, youth hostels or apartments. For this reason, it is important to have safe bunk bedsthat are built using materials like metal, which is perfect for these types of accommodation as they protect against bedbugs and are highly resistant.

It is also important to make sure you get the most out of your bunk beds. At 30m2,  we feature two different ranges: Locker and Intimate. Our Hostel Locker bunks offer extra storage space thanks to the built-in drawers in the lower bed. Meanwhile, our Intimate Hostel bunk beds feature more privacy for travellers thanks to the curtains installed on each bed.

At 30m2, we offer beds and bunk beds for any type of accommodation in the contract sector. Do get in touch!