Hostel Intimate Locker

hostel intimate duo locker

The Hostel Intimate Locker is already a trendsetter in the sector, with the privacy and comfort thanks to its lower lockers making it the undisputed leader.

The Intimate range

offers the possibility of creating more private spaces within a group facility. We know that finding a moment to dedicate exclusively to ourselves isn’t easy, especially if we’re constantly surrounded by people. That’s why we’ve designed these particularly unique bunk beds.

Understanding the need of taking a break from today’s fast-paced life, at 30m2 we’ve created the Intimate Locker range, with more private and personal spaces. This intimacy is also reinforced by the lockers included in the lower part of the bed. With them, we have a very large and useful storage space.

As we think of everything at 30m2, down to the last detail, these bunk beds also feature details such as wooden or phenolic panels, curtains, USB connection and LED light points to help create a unique atmosphere. In addition, you can give your Hostel its own character with our customised fireproof fabric curtains, on which you can print the image of your choice.

The key to an optimal rest lies in the choice of a good bed base. Thanks to our metal bed base with ventilation for the mattress, you’ll ensure your customers can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Exterior dimensions of the bed:

  • Length: 198cm
  • Depth: 96 cm
  • Height: 236.5 m


The Hostel Intimate Locker bunk bed is particularly easy to assemble as it has only 36 screws, which makes it suitable for starting large projects. The maximum load on each bed is 125 kg. And don’t forget that at 30m2 we offer a delivery and on-site assembly service!

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