Hostel bunk beds, the best option for your business

Hostel Bunk Beds are the best options for your business. They are ideal for the organization of common rooms and rest areas because they allow a greater number of people to sleep in the same place without compromising their personal space and privacy. Learn more about the benefits that bunk beds can bring to your hostel or hostel.

The Hostel Bunk Beds are seen as boring and tasteless elements, but it is quite the opposite. In 30m2 we take care of the material of our products to offer the highest quality and facilitate the comfort of each user. In addition, we offer customized designs to take care of the aesthetics and the visual section.

In 30m2 you can find a wide variety of styles of Hostel Bunks Beds among which you can choose the number of beds, the size, the materials used and other elements that can be added and provide various functionalities. Our products include the Hostel Locker and Hostel Intimate Locker.

Hostel bunk beds, a very popular and demanded option

Hostels are establishments that allow the accommodation of a large number of people at an affordable price. Normally the rooms, unlike hotels, are not private, but common spaces where guests can rest and socialize with other people.

The atmosphere in hostels is more informal than in hotels. Guests, who are usually travelers, usually attend these establishments because of their low cost. Sharing areas with other strangers is a characteristic of these establishments.

To take advantage of the common areas, Hostel Bunk Beds are used to maximize space and allow a larger number of guests to sleep in the same room. This is a much more practical alternative to a traditional bed, as it allows two people to sleep in the same place as one.

Characteristics of hostel bunk beds

The volume of beds that usually have a room in a hostel varies depending on its size, we can find from 4 to 20 people in the same common area. These can range from two-tier bunk beds to single or double beds. All this also depends on the conditions of each host or hostel.

There are different types of bunk beds:

  • There are triple bunk beds, which are usually the most common in hostels and allow maximum use of space so that more people can stay in the same room.
  • Double bunk beds are very similar to triple bunk beds except that they are double-height, so they are ideal in rooms with low ceilings.
  • The folding bunk beds are the least common as they have to be deployed, yet they are very common as trundle beds in hotels.

Bunk bed materials

Bunk beds can be made of a variety of materials, but the two most common are wood and metal. The latter are usually made of steel, so they are very resistant to weight, bumps, scratches and oxidizing agents. This makes them highly durable.

Wooden bunk beds are characterized by their aesthetic visual finish, providing an atmosphere of calm and a sense of connection with nature. Due to the properties of the metal itself, they are usually not as resistant as those made of steel, but they are easier and less expensive to repair.

The disadvantages of wooden Hostel Bunk Beds, besides the fact that they need constant maintenance to extend their useful life, is that their initial cost is higher than those made of steel, so in the long run they are usually a much less economical option. Another drawback of this material is that it can harbor bed bugs, so it can become a big problem in tourist accommodations.

The Hostel Bunk Beds of 30m2 are made of a metal structure that can be easily combined with other furniture. The resistance of this material allows for a long life span and also prevents the appearance of bed bugs. When designing our products we think about the needs and situations of each of our customers to ensure a quality experience and a better rest for their guests.

Safety in hostel bunk beds

The number of people using bunk beds in hostels is very high. People of all conditions and ages rest in these beds, from the youngest to the oldest. For this reason, when designing each of our bunk beds, one of the most important elements is safety.

The safety of Hostel Bunk Beds begins with its own structure. The metal, being a much more resistant material can withstand more weight and blows, which makes it possible for people of all kinds to rest on them without any problem. In addition, we have a large number of elements to avoid risks and ensure the comfort of each user.

In children’s beds or upper bunk beds, a safety bar is usually used at head height up to a third or half of the bed. Its purpose is to prevent possible falls. The position of these elements must be designed to make it impossible for children to get trapped under these rails and ensure a safe and pleasant rest.

Advantages of hostel bunk beds

Hostel Bunk Beds have a lot of advantages for your business. These are the most outstanding benefits:

  • Space optimization. As we have said before, bunk beds allow the rest of a greater number of people in the same place without compromising your private and personal space.
  • Order of the room. Bunk beds allow a better organization of the sleeping areas, since by saving space we can include furniture and cabinets so that guests have a place to store their things. With the Hostel Locker range you can enjoy a locker system built into the bed underneath to store backpacks, clothes and all personal belongings.
  • Long durability. The materials used in 30m2 for the production of Hostel Bunk Beds have a high quality and resistance, so that even if the years go by, if proper maintenance has been performed, they can be found as the first day.
  • Customized designs. The Hostel Bunk Beds of 30m2 have different designs and aesthetic elements to suit the needs and conditions of each of our customers.

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