Buy bunk beds for hostels with the best quality


Buy bunk beds for hostels with the best quality

The 30m2 bunk beds meet all the requirements of the market, being products designed to satisfy all the needs of its buyer. Our beds are manufactured with the best materials to achieve a solidity, resistance and hardness that will last for years regardless of the number or size of the guests. 

From 30m2 our goal is to offer each user a quality rest. Our bunk beds meet all the requirements and conditions that each person may have, providing comforts that help to obtain a magnificent and excellent experience. But our products are not only beneficial for those who sleep in them, but also for the hostel or business that owns them. 

Buy bunk beds for hostels and save space

To buy bunk beds for hostels we have to think about the management and organization of the rooms. We have designed each of our bunk beds to get the best optimization of space and thus get a better use of the place. Normally with regular beds this saving of space in the rooms is not achieved so effectively, but with the 30m2 designs it is now possible.

The verticality of the bunk beds offers meters of usable floor space. Where previously only one person could sleep, now two can sleep. This way you gain space to put furniture or more guests, and thus increase the number of places in your hostel, hostel or tourist business. 

Tidy rooms with 30m2 bunk beds

In addition to space management, 30m2 bunk beds also help to keep rooms tidy. The best example of this is the Hostel Locker range, which offers an integrated locker system in which each guest can store their personal and most valuable items safely and conveniently. 

Buy durable bunk beds for hostels

Unlike other bunk beds on the market, the 30m2 bunk beds are designed to last for years. The quality steel with which its structure has been built gives it a resistance, hardness and stability ideal to withstand the passage of time, the weight of the guests or any blow or scratch. 

It is because of these characteristics provided by its main material, steel, that all 30m2 bunk beds, regardless of the range or design, manage to withstand so many years of use, regardless of the number of guests who have passed through them or the conditions to which they have been exposed. 

Comfortable and safe bunk beds for hotels and hostels

Their stability and strength allow anyone, regardless of age or weight, to sleep comfortably in the beds. No matter how much the person moves while sleeping, the structure of the bunk bed will always remain fixed, avoiding wobbles and providing a safe and stable place to rest. 

Buy custom-designed hostel bunk beds

The 30m2 bunk beds have certain customizable elements, in order to have products capable of adapting to the visual aesthetics of each hotel, hostel or hostel. All customers can decide on visual aspects such as the color of the pieces or the logo. 

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