Discover the advantages of metal bunk beds for shelters


Discover the advantages of metal bunk beds for shelters

It is well known that the best way to optimize space as well as possible are metal bunk beds for hostels, residences, or in general, community rooms. A bunk bed is designed to ensure adequate rest while saving space because it allows more people to rest in the place where one would do it with a conventional bed. 

Metal bunk beds for hostels, ideal for shared rooms.

Space optimization is not the only thing to look for when looking for metal hostel bunk beds. There are many other characteristic factors that greatly affect your experience and use, for example the quality of the material, the toughness and strength of the structure, are some of the elements that are also important. 

Normally when people think of metal bunk beds they think of the typical rough models, with a poor design that does not seem to be very comfortable. But the truth is quite the opposite, metal is an ideal material to work with and make designs with great aesthetic power and a powerful visual look

But why use metal and not another material? The answer is very simple, although there are many reasons.

  • Its ease of manipulation. Metal, with knowledge and good machinery, is a material with the ability to be compressed, molded into wires and subjected to a large number of processes without compromising its most essential properties. 
  • Its toughness and resistance
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Multiple aesthetic options.

All these advantages and characteristics of metal make it the best and most widely used material, which is why metal bunk beds for hostels are a trend that continues to be incorporated into a wide variety of businesses and rooms with the aim of accommodating a large number of guests while saving as much space as possible.

Room and personal space management with metal bunk beds for hostels

When we refer to space optimization, we are not only referring to increasing the number of guests per room, but also to providing a communal area where everyone can enjoy their own space and have places to store their belongings freely.

To help maintain privacy in the rooms or common areas, 30m2 has designed the Locker range, which consists of metal bunk beds for hostels that have a incorporated locker system, which means that each guest has a large drawer where they can keep their clothes, cell phone and other personal belongings in a neat and clean way. 

To maintain privacy, 30m2 has also designed the Hostel Intimate Locker series, bunk beds that in addition to having the built-in lockers of the Locker range, adds a system of curtains so that the guest can lie down to rest while enjoying a moment alone despite being in a shared room. 

As we have seen, the 30m2 metal bunk beds for hostels are ideal for businesses where guests rest in shared rooms. Contact us to know all its advantages and benefits.