Bunk beds for hostels and diverse tourist establishments. Choose the best option for your guests!

Bunk beds tourism

Bunk beds for hostels and diverse tourist establishments. Choose the best option for your guests!

Bunk beds are an essential piece of furniture that offer a wealth of options in different spaces, which is why you’ll often see bunk beds in tourist establishments. The beds provide the perfect solution for shared rooms and are particularly useful for kitting out these types of spaces. Additionally, bunk beds for hostels are the perfect option for your guests.

At 30m2,  we bring you a huge range of bunk beds featuring built-in bottom storage drawers for even greater space savings. Our Hostel Lockers create a perfect solution for organisation  and use of space that other types of bunk beds do not offer and are ideal for both tourist establishments and to have at home.

It goes without saying that one of the main advantages of buying bunk beds is the sheer saving on space that they offer. A bunk bed can sleep two people in a space that would normally only fit one, which is an outstanding benefit for any establishment or home.

Choosing the best option based on your space

As we have mentioned before, the key factor when it comes to choosing bunk beds is the space that’s available to you. It is important to know exactly how many square metres you’re working with and how much space can be taken up by the bunk beds themselves.

To better optimise your space, go for models featuring integrated drawers and doors that complement wardrobes and make the most of all the storage space. In short, bunk beds make use of vertical space versus horizontal, giving us more space in every scenario.

Our Hostel Duo Locker and Intimate Duo Locker bunk beds offer double bunks for hostels and holiday apartments that feature small rooms and require the best use of space possible.

Importance of good hardware fittings

Hardware is fundamental, especially when it comes to furniture with mobility and motor mechanisms. For example, in the case of folding bunk beds, it is essential to ensure that the board with which it is manufactured is high-quality and that any hardware is firmly and robustly attached to the board.

There are different types of fittings:

  • Wall anchor fitting: the strength of this hardware, as well as its attachment to the piece of furniture itself, guarantees zero movement and that the furniture provides the correct support for the opening and closing of the beds.
  • Opening and closing hardware: consists of the joint itself and the cushioning that prevents violent movements from occurring. If the cushioning is of poor quality, the useful life of the furniture and its safety can be jeopardised. These fittings usually have the names of approved manufacturers printed on them.


Safety is another crucial issue. For this reason, the night rails that are used on the upper part of the bunk to guarantee the safety of the sleeper. This rail can also be installed on the lower bed.

Another important aspect is the material used to manufacture bunk beds, which must be resistant and robust. To ensure the right level of safety, it is recommended that it complies with European safety regulations for the manufacture of furniture for childcare environments. Remember that it is even more crucial to ensure that your bunk bed is safe if it is intended to be used by children.

If you need a resistant, safe and long-lasting bunk bed to furnish your establishment, get in touch!