30m2 will participate in the Wyse Amsterdam 2022 travel confederation

30m2 will participate in the Wyse Amsterdam 2022 travel confederation

30m2 will be among the exhibitors at the 2022 edition of STAY WYSE Amsterdam. This year’s edition will be a hybrid event, with the option to attend in person in Amsterdam or follow the show online.

The fifth edition of StAY WYSE will take place on April 7-8 and will feature 30m2, which will showcase the new Smart Reception Point and its bunk beds for hostels and hostels made for the contract sector.

What STAY WYSE 2022 will be all about?

The STAY WYSE Hostel Conference brings together companies in the youth travel accommodation sector for two days of trade, training and networking. The day has quickly established itself as the place to meet new business partners; from buyers to tour operators, investors and suppliers. All focused on the wider world of youth tourism.

In addition, following the success of STAY WYSE Amsterdam, STAY WYSE Miami was born, which, in its first edition in 2019, brought together numerous exhibitors from North America, South America and Latin America.

Smart Reception Point

From 30m2 engineering we have developed the Smart Reception Point. It is a terminal that allows the rental of lockers automatically, without the need of personnel, as well as contracting other services such as check-in, booking excursions, breakfast, bicycle rental and all the activities that you want to offer from the establishment. The Smart Reception Point can be adapted to the needs of each client, starting from a base terminal with the locker rental function.

The 30m2 bunk beds

The 30m2 bunk beds will be present at the conference as they are exclusively manufactured and designed to meet the needs of the contract sector.

Hostel Bunk Bed

The Hostel bunk bed is the essence of 30m2. Its simplicity, design and functionality make it our star product. The design of this bunk bed allows a great optimization of space and makes it possible to make the most of your rooms. In addition, it has easy and safe access. The height of the lower bed allows us to climb comfortably and without difficulties, even for people with reduced mobility.

Hostel Locker

Make the most of your space with our Hostel Locker, a bunk bed with space under the lower bed that allows you to incorporate Locker lockers or Crate drawers. In these compartments located in the lower bed at ground level you can insert any type of object. In this way you will have a space more collected, but always with everything you need at hand.

Hostel Duo Locker

Double the space and comfort, the Hostel Duo Locker bunk bed offers the perfected version of the Locker range. The Hostel Duo Locker offers the most comfortable option for furnishing the rooms of a hostel, hotel or residence. Its double formula translates into a better space utilization than the Hostel Locker bunk bed and a more unified design.

Hostel Intimate Locker

The Hostel Intimate Locker is already a trend in the sector, the privacy and comfort thanks to its curtains and paneling that close the bed compartment, have made the Intimate model the undisputed leader. The Intimate line offers the possibility of creating more intimate spaces within collective facilities. In addition, this intimacy is complemented by the possibility of incorporating lockers in the lower part of the bed, thus obtaining a very large and practical storage space.

The World Youth, Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE)

The Stay Wyse Amsterdam and Stay Wyse Miami events are made possible by The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing opportunities for young travelers.

The WYSE global community is the most powerful and extensive network of travel professionals. Comprised of more than 600 members from 120 countries, they are leaders in the types of unique travel products and services used by young people.