Youth bunk beds, a space perfect for inspiring creativity, play and dreams

youth bunk beds

Youth bunk beds, a space perfect for inspiring creativity, play and dreams

Furnishing children’s rooms is no easy task, considering the importance of this space for a range of activities apart from bedtime, including play, reading and learning. For this reason, choosing youth bunk beds suitable for this type of room is essential in creating a unique and special atmosphere.

Currently, we have within our reach a multitude of designs that make bunk beds something much more than a simple piece of furniture. And this is well known by the industry and the world of decoration, which are increasingly committed to fun and not so traditional designs.

However, when choosing youth bunk beds, it’s important to consider classic factors like distribution, available space and the interior design in your home. For this reason, 30m2 features customisable design services so that all your ideas can be made to measure with the utmost care and professionalism.

A room to dream

When we choose youth bunk beds, it’s important not to sacrifice aesthetics and comfort, but both aspects have to be incorporated into the chosen furniture. In order to create a space filled with fantasy that is as attractive as possible for the youngest members of the family, it’s important to move away from traditional and conventional designs.

Bunk beds that help create a space of magic and fantasy are those that simulate castles or lorries that feature slides and that can be transformed into a play area using the lower part. These types of features are perfect for stimulating the kids’ imaginations.

On the other hand, we can choose bunk beds in the form of  train berths, as they are perfect for having cabinets and drawers that provide extra storage space (especially handy since young children tend to leave all their toys scattered around the room).

Advantages of bunk beds

It’s important to remember that bunk beds have a series of advantages when compared to conventional beds, considering that space can be optimised to an absolute maximum. Thanks to the bed’s vertical design, we make it possible for two children to sleep in the space that one would normally be able to sleep if two beds were placed horizontally.

In addition, bunk beds are great opportunity to break with the conventional without forgetting the highly practical benefits this furniture brings to a room. This way, we give children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild, creating a space oozing with memories and fantastic stories.

30m2 bunks combine these factors to manufacture a customisable product in both design and colour. This allows us to design creative and functional bedrooms.

Other aspects worth considering

Before buying youth bunk beds, it’s important to know some top tips to make sure that it really is the ideal piece of furniture for our needs:

  • According to experts, it is not recommended that children under 4 years of age sleep on the top bunk.
  • It is vital to frequently check that upper mattress supports are secured in order to prevent falls.
  • Although bunk beds encourage fun, children should be warned about the dangers of jumping on the beds, in order to avoid collapses.
  • It is advisable to fit the upper bed with a safety rail and install a light so that the child can turn it on at night.
  • It is advisable to place the bunk bed in a corner of the room to cover two of the four sides where falling could potentially occur.

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