Wholesale bunk beds for hostels: identifying high-quality products

wholesale bunk beds

Wholesale bunk beds for hostels: identifying high-quality products

A youth hostel is a special type of accommodation aimed at younger travellers and featuring affordable prices with the aim of promoting and encouraging cultural exchange activities among guests. For this reason, it is essential to choose wholesale hostel bunk beds to furnish shared rooms.

To get started, and in order to know what tourists who stay in hostels are looking for, we must select the most appropriate bunk beds for the space we have available. Bear in mind that hostels have a very different formality level compared to hotels.

On the one hand, a hostel offers the experience of sharing a space with people from different parts of the world, promoting shared communication spaces so that tourists can meet and exchange experiences.

Taking this into account, the aesthetics of bedrooms themselves should favour this opportunity for interaction. For this reason, most hostel rooms are shared or mixed. Hostels also feature common areas including kitchens and leisure rooms, designed for guests to enjoy other activities.

Why furnish your hostel or shared accommodation facilities with bunk beds?

As we mentioned above, these types of accommodation feature shared rooms, making it fundamental to take advantage of the maximum available space. Bunk beds open up a world of options in any space.

When you choose to install 30m2 beds and bunk beds, you are guaranteed an optimised use of space. Our Locker range incorporates drawers into the bottom beds so that everything that might normally be scattered around the room can be stored, thus creating extra space in the room.

In addition, these drawers can be modified to include padlocks so that tourists can store their belongings with total peace of mind.

Make the most of your rooms

Although bunk beds are space-saving and come in all shapes and sizes, finding wholesale hostel bunk beds can be tricky if you don’t know how to get the most out of your rooms.

At 30m2, we not only have offer you our Hostel Locker bunk beds that feature a steel plate structure that make them the market leader in  robustness, resistance and durability, while also offering our Intimate range.

 Intimate Hostel Locker Bunk Beds feature built in curtains on the beds so that the guest enjoys greater privacy, an option that is very important in any accommodation and sought after as a priority by some travellers. Additionally, we don’t  sacrifice the extra space provided by the Hostel Locker thanks to the integrated lower drawers which the Intimate model also features.

At the same time, we also guarantee our guests get optimal rest by using a metal bed base with ventilation for the 30m2 mattress, an essential design for maximum guest enjoyment.

Hire a specialised bunk bed service for wholesale hostels

At 30m2, we manufacture innovative products for the contract sector. Thanks to a team of expert professionals and more than 15 years of experience in the sector, we offer the best products to furnish hostels, hotels and youth hostels, among many others.

We study, analyse, develop and manufacture to make a high-quality finished product. From bunk beds through to beds and accessories, if you are looking for bunk beds for the Contract sector, do not hesitate to get in touch.