The importance of cleanliness and tidiness when featuring large bunk beds in any room

large bunk beds

The importance of cleanliness and tidiness when featuring large bunk beds in any room

It’s safe to say that one of the most important features travellers look for when staying in a hotel or hostel is to the guarantee of receiving a range of minimum standard services that make their trip as comfortable as possible. Considering this fact, travellers will always expect the establishment to have large bunk beds and clean and tidy rooms.

Hotels or hostels are spaces where many people share a space, meaning that deep cleaning is always going to be one of the most important tasks. It’s important that this cleaning process is even more thorough in centrally located hotels as the volume of tourists will be greater.

Our  Hostel Locker bunk beds will make a massive contribution to keeping your hotel cleaner and tidier thanks to their built-in drawers under the lower bed. At 30m2, we are committed to practicality that never overlooks good design, with our resistant beds and bunks.

Make the most of space

As we mentioned above, in any hostel, youth hostel or other shared accommodation, tidiness is a fundamental factor. Providing your travellers with clean rooms will ensure that they enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay, which is why we have designed our range of Locker bunk beds to make the most of all the features of large bunk beds.

In the lockers built into the lower part of the bed at ground level, you can store any type of object, which promotes a tidier space. In addition, the Hostel Locker leads at the forefront of the market when it comes to robustness, resistance and durability.

On the other hand, you can also give your bunk beds the perfect finish with our Cubic bedside table, an essential compliment to enhance your guests’ comfort. The installable headboard is also the perfect accessory to complement the Hostel, Locker and Intimate bunk beds.

The importance of ensuring clean and tidy rooms

First impressions are everything, so it is very important that your guests walk into a clean and organised room. Cleaning starts with good ventilation of the room and runs right through to moping the floor, hence the importance of our drawers that don’t take up more space than absolutely necessary and help ensure that objects are not scattered on the floor.

Considering of all these facts, it’s essential that you provide your guests with an unforgettable space in order to get good reviews and recommendations. In the long run, this means differentiating yourself from your competition and another way to ensure this is by featuring large beds and bunk beds.

At 30m2, we feature an extensive catalogue of beds, bunk beds and accessories that you can customize to your taste and ensure that your hotel or hostel is equipped with the added value that is so sought after by travellers. Nowadays, potential guests seek out additional information and reviews about accommodations before they book and featuring outstanding design often contributes.

Cleanliness as a synonym of well-being

As the saying goes, happiness is about enjoying the little things found in the details that enrich our lives. That is why, often without thinking , we seek a harmonious environment, especially in our homes.

We want to feel comfortable and safe, and we seek to replicate those feelings when we travel. Therefore, if our home is clean and full of positive energy, hotels must live up to the same standard.

If you want to furnish your hotel or hostel with our large Hostel Locker or Hostel Intimate Locker bunk beds, get in touch!