Metal bunk beds for resistant and long-lasting youth hostel accomodation

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Metal bunk beds for resistant and long-lasting youth hostel accomodation

Resistant metal bunk beds for hostels are an excellent alternative to traditional beds when it comes to making the most of your space, as they not only guarantee great durability but are also safe. This option is especially attractive for tourist establishments and for the smallest group accommodation facilities as it is also a piece of furniture that proves to be more fun than regular beds.

Another common use of bunk beds is in the contract sector, as they are a great solution for optimising space and solving storage problems in rooms at any hotel, hostel, youth hostel or shared accommodation.

Additionally, when you opt for these beds, taking advantage of space does not mean having to give up style, since there is a huge range of resistant metal bunk beds that work well with the decoration of any room. At 30m2, we offer a huge catalogue of resistant metal bunk beds specially designed for the contract sector.

Metal: the best material for bunk beds

Metals such as gold, silver and copper were already used in their pure state in various historical periods. However, over time, the necessary technology was developed to obtain metals from their ores, rather than just using them in a pure state.

Metals possess highly characteristic physical properties: they can be sheeted when subjected to compressive stresses, they can be moulded into wire and threads when subjected to traction, they offer high resistance to shock or breakage, and they have the ability to resist tensile stress, traction, compression, twisting and bending without deformation.

All of these benefits make metal the most suitable material for the construction of resistant bunk beds for youth hostels, adaptable to any space and highly durable.

Our sheet steel bunk beds

A plate is a thin sheet of metal with different types of uses which is treated to prevent oxidation and corrosion. There are different groups of metal plates, including: steel, aluminium, copper and zinc plates.

Depending on the project to be carried out, we find different finishes in metal plates that can be perforated with square or round holes, stretched meshes of different widths, smooth, sanded and raw sheets.

While metals may generally be thought of as only being for certain areas or associated with heavy machinery, each type of sheet metal can have a different design and utility.

At 30m2, we offer resistant metal bunk beds that use a stainless-steel sheet structure. This material allows us to achieve excellent resistance to corrosion, as well as providing the perfect solution when it comes to safety and hygiene. This type of material is normally used for the car industry, heavy industries or building.

Functional and comfortable

As we have already mentioned, some of the leading advantages of metal bunk beds for hostels is their functionality and comfort. Investing in these factors is key to optimising space and creating rooms where bunk beds are integrated into the overall space and every inch of the room is used effectively.

There are a wide range of options when deciding the layout of bunk beds in your accommodation, but we have to keep in mind that this depends very much on the intended use of the beds and the space itself. In the case of furnishing hostels, youth hostels or group accommodation, we recommend our range of Hostel Locker bunk beds, as they offer a wide range of storage options thanks to the handy built-in drawers in the lower part of the unit.

Other options include triple bunk beds, although this is a less common choice. However, in our effort to achieve the comfort offered by triple bunk beds, we feature a collection of duo bunk bedsmanufactured so that the largest number of bunk beds can be put in the same room.

If you need safe and long-lasting metal bunk beds for youth hostels, at 30m2 we feature a huge range of bunk beds and beds for the Contract sector. Get in touch!