Lockers for hostels: all the accessories you need for your bunk beds

lockers for hostels

Lockers for hostels: all the accessories you need for your bunk beds

Bunk beds have provided a solution for large families for decades. However, they are now used to furnish any type of room, from individual rooms in homes to youth hostels, hostels, hospitals or prisons, among other accommodation types. It’s also important to complement our bunks with lockers for hostels and other accessories, especially in the tourism sector.

At 30m2, we bring you a series of accessories that fit perfectly with our bunk beds to offer a doubly functional product and match the aesthetic style and furnishings at the same time. For this reason alone, our Hostel bunk bed sets the tone for all of our products in order to create visual cohesion and harmony.

Our Hostel bunk bed is the essence of 30m2.Its simplicity, design and functionality make it our flagship product. It is ideal for any type of project, and is also extremely resistant, making it an authentically long-lasting product.

Perfectly integrated products across all of our bunk bed models

As part of our ultimate goal to offer you a complete service, at 30m2 we have designed a series of accessories that create a totally new product.

Locker range: lockers for hostels

30m2’s Hostel Locker integrates lockers into the bunk itself for a greater use of space. This bunk has built-in drawers under the lower bed for enhanced optimisation and functionality.

In any hostel, youth hostel or home, one of the most complicated things is to maintain order and keep rooms as clean as possible. Our hostel lockers ensure that guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay by providing a handy space in the form of drawers where they can put their belongings and keep everything they need on hand.

Intimate range: curtains for more privacy

Our Intimate range stands out from other products thanks to its incorporation of curtains fitted to both the lower and upper beds. This allows for the creation of more intimate spaces within shared accommodation.

Finding a minute for ourselves is difficult, and even more so if we share a room with other travellers. At 30m2, we used this common traveller issue as an inspiration to design special and unique bunk beds that create more intimate and exclusive spaces.

More accessories for bunk beds

Other accessories that fit perfectly with our bunk beds include:

  • Cubic bedside tables: 30m2’s bedside tables are an essential addition to finish off the perfect rooms. The Cubic bedside table is the perfect accessory that to finish the Hostel, Locker and Intimate bunk beds, incorporating a power point to charge all kinds of devices and an LED light.
  • Decorative Panels: To make bunk beds more private, decorative panel kits come in handy. These wood or phenolic panels are ideal for those who want to disconnect from the rest of the room.
  • Wheeled drawers: the most practical and simple way to store any object. Our wheeled drawers feature a large capacity, are very resistant and easily removable.
  • Ladders and auxiliary railings: the auxiliary ladder has flat and non-slip steps to prevent any fall, in addition, no additional coating is necessary. The auxiliary rail provides more flexibility and mobility, does not need to be fixed and can be attached to any of our bunk bed models.

At 30m2, we have all the essential bunk beds and accessories to make any room a unique space. Get in touch!