High quality and durable bunk beds in France

bunk beds france

High quality and durable bunk beds in France

Find out about the best bunk beds in France. At 30m2 we offer specialised bunk beds for the contract sector. Each of our product ranges is designed to meet the different needs of our customers. We offer designs that seek to adapt to their different business models, conditions and requirements, offering the possibility of customising different elements such as colour, logo or adding or removing accessories. 

The quality is a characteristic of our bunk beds in France, or anywhere else, in order to guarantee a suitable product for our buyers. The best steel is used in their construction to produce bunk beds of great robustness, durability and an aesthetic visual finish with which guests will feel welcome and safe

Bunk beds in France for hostels, safety and maintenance

Hostels are visited by a wide variety of guests, all of them with the intention of enjoying a place to rest. For this exact reason, safety is essential in order to provide them with a proper rest. 30m2 produces bunk beds in France with different accessories to enhance the safety of the beds, such as safety rails

Another factor of great importance for the client is hygiene. A clean room and clean bunk beds make the stay in any hostel or hostel more pleasant and attractive. That is why the 30m2 bunk beds are designed to facilitate the cleaning of your establishment, as they hardly need any maintenance. The sheets and mattress are cleaned as with a normal bed.

Bunk beds in France, the best option for shared rooms

With 30m2 bunk beds in France you will be able to make the most of the rooms in your hostel or guest house, as they allow you to increase the number of guests per room. Bunk beds use the space vertically, unlike beds, which use it horizontally, which means that twice as many people can sleep in the same place.

As well as making the best use of space, they also help to organise the rooms by allowing guests and their belongings to be managed. The range of locker bunk beds, which have an integrated system of lockers for storing the personal belongings of each user, is of great help in this regard.

Types of bunk beds in France for the contract sector   

At 30m2 we offer a wide variety of bunk bed ranges in France for the different conditions and demands of our clients. Each design is designed to have unique features and applications that facilitate and improve the guest’s stay. 

  • Hostel Bunk Bed. The classic bunk bed par excellence. Simplicity and comfort in a classic design.
  • Hostel Locker. As previously mentioned, these bunk beds have an integrated system of individual lockers to help all guests store their belongings safely and securely.
  • Hostel Intimate Locker. In addition to the lockers, this range of bunk beds incorporates a curtain system to aid the intimacy and privacy of each user. In this way, each guest can have a moment alone in a common space. 

If you are looking for bunk beds in France, contact us and we will inform you about our bunk beds for the contract sector.