Give all your products the perfect finish with our special bunk bed curtains

bunk beds curtains)

Give all your products the perfect finish with our special bunk bed curtains

Special curtains for bunk beds are an essential accessory if we want to ensure we furnish our rooms in the best way possible, as they allow for a private space to be created. By using this product, we enjoy a high-quality design that complements any bed or bunk in an elegant, comfortable and convenient way.

When we look at all the different accessories available to furnish our spaces, curtains feature as one of the most popular options, closely followed by bedside tables, desks and cabinets in the case of folding bunk beds.

30m2 offers a wide selection of products including bunk beds with curtains so that any establishment can offer the priceless added value of intimacy for its customers. This factor is especially important in the tourist sector.

Features and properties

Curtains can be found in shop window displays or in large office windows, as well as in homes, as they look especially good in bedrooms or even living rooms. They are also fitted to windows to regulate the amount of desired light with their different position settings.

Curtains also provide us with a modern and bright environment and can be purchased in a wide range of different colours and designs. This makes them perfect for an innovative air of sophistication or understated sobriety, although if we personalize them, they can also be suitable for any children’s room.

Additionally, it is increasingly common to find bunk beds and beds fitted with their own sets of curtains, even if this is not the most common use for them.

Useful features for tourist establishments

30m2 has manufactured a range of bunk beds designed especially for the tourist sector that incorporate curtains. This range of bunk beds is designed to equip shared spaces and offer enhanced privacy for guests.

Enhanced privacy

Considering the fast pace of life we all experience on a daily basis, 30m2 has created the Intimate range for more personal and exclusive spaces. We also incorporate other accessories such as wooden or phenolic panels, USB connections and LED light points to create unique environments.

30m2 bunk bed curtains can be fully customized since they are made of flame retardant fabric on which you can print any image or choose any colour. In fact, all 30m2 products can be modified to include any colour scheme.

Leading role in the Contract Sector

At 30m2, we specialise in the manufacture of beds, bunk beds and accessories designed exclusively for the contract sector. We constantly strive to make innovative products thanks to our team of professionals and more than fifteen years of experience in the sector.

Our design and engineering department works on the needs of each client; We study, analyse and develop a unique final product. In addition, we provide a delivery and assembly service in order to provide our clients with a completely finished project.

30m2 products

  • Hostel Bunk Bed: featuring a simple but functional design that has made it our star product. Ideal for any type of project, its steel plate structure makes it especially strong and long-lasting. The design also allows for an excellent optimisation of space and features easy and safe access.
  • Hostel Locker: a range of bunk beds that feature drawers built into the lower bed which allow for any object to be stored. This promotes cleaner and tidier shared rooms.
  • Intimate Hostel: As we’ve already seen, the Intimate range adds curtains to our bunk beds for extra privacy and intimacy. It is possible to combine it with other accessories such as our bedside tables.
  • Duo Hostel: all our bunk beds offer the duo mode, an updated version for even greater optimisation of space.