Find the perfect bunk beds in Germany for your hostel


Find the perfect bunk beds in Germany for your hostel

If you are looking for bunk beds in Germany, 30m2 is your ideal choice. Enjoy the quality of their international products. Their designs focused on accommodating guests are perfect for hostels, guesthouses and residences that welcome travelers from other countries and are looking for a cheap alternative to grand hotels. 

Each of our 30m2 bunk beds are designed to meet the diverse needs of all our customers and adapt to the conditions of each guest to offer them a safe rest and the best possible comfort. Enjoy the quality of the hostel bunk beds and all the other 30m2 ranges.

The best Germany bunk beds

The 30m2 bunk beds in Germany are designed by the best quality steel. This material brings great benefits to the bunk beds, making their use a comfortable and satisfying experience for all guests occupying any of the two beds. There are many advantages of metal bunk beds.

  • Greater resistance. The 30m2 metal bunk beds offer greater resistance to shocks and scratches. 
  • Great hardness. The metallic structure of the 30m2 bunk beds in Germany is very solid, which avoids possible breakage or damage caused by use. Thanks to their quality, they can last for years and still look like the first day. 
  • Safety for users, due to its hardness, which prevents it from shaking or breaking. 
  • Rest assured for the users. The stability of the bunk beds allows guests to rest comfortably. 

These advantages are the main aspect of the 30m2 bunk beds compared to other bunk beds on the market, while most of them usually present flaws and breakages during the first months due to the poor quality of its material, the 30m2 beds resist any difficulty, adapting to all possible conditions

Save space and keep your hostel’s rooms organized

In addition to the advantages of the bunk beds in Germany already mentioned above, there are multiple benefits when it comes to the maintenance and organization of the rooms of hostels. This improves the image of your business’ sleeping quarters and helps guests feel cozy and comfortable. 

A clean room is essential to attract guests to your business and makes their stay more pleasant and attractive. The 30m2 German bunk beds make it easy to clean the room you are in and do not present any complex maintenance or costs

The 30m2 bunk beds in Germany help the organization of the rooms of your hostel due to their space optimization, allowing twice as many people to sleep as they would in conventional beds. Each user has a space linked to their bed, which functions as an intimate area within a collective space.

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