Design bunk beds, an increasingly recurring option

design bunk beds

Design bunk beds, an increasingly recurring option

Designer bunk beds are becoming an increasingly popular option in rooms designed for teenagers, children and even tourist accommodation. While bunk beds used to feature simpler designs, we currently find a great offer on the market. The “lifelong” bunk never goes out of fashion and is reinvented in this new concept which turns the bunk bed into an entertainment space for the kids and an exciting decoration for adult rooms, as well as its traditional role as a place to sleep.

The notion that bunk beds are not an aesthetic, safe or comfortable piece of furniture is far removed from reality. The infinite range of options offered by this type of furniture is uniquely special since the usefulness of furniture designed to help us save space is combined with visual attractiveness to create modern bedrooms.

Therefore, designer bunk beds are a perfect option to optimise space in an elegant way. Additionally, these bunks tend to incorporate diverse furniture as well as accessories to use alongside the bed.

Four key features of traditional bunk beds

Firstly, to get an idea of the evolution of bunk beds into the dynamic design we find on the market today, it’s important to run through a brief summary of the most common structures.

On the one hand, we classify the bunk beds by their capacity. For example, there are double bunk beds with capacity for two people, triple bunk beds with capacity for three people and, finally, quadruple bunk beds with capacity for up to four people. The most traditional bunk beds are of double capacity with beds placed one on top of the other and a capacity to sleep two people.

Another feature used to group bunk beds is the decoration of the bunk bed itself. The broad categories include decorative, recreational and designer bunk beds. Bunk beds decorative with a range of designs are widely used in children’s rooms.

Recreational bunk beds incorporate play-oriented accessories, such as slides or climbing areas. Finally, designer bunk beds are more exclusive and aimed, above all, at a more adult audience.

Designer bunk beds: the most popular models

The most popular designer bunk bed models found on the market are:

Desk space

Bunk beds with built in space for a desk are perfect for kids who are already starting to tackle homework and need a comfortable place to do so. They tend to be fitted to a single wall and two beds and a desk-shelf are usually joined.

Elegance and trendiness

Choosing elegance is always a good option and bunks that follow this design trend usually feature a bed and sofa, ideal for hosting friends or family. On top of that, these bunk beds tend to feature the latest styles.

Bunks made perfectly for teenagers

Using a clever combination of tones and decoration features give us a bunk that is perfectly designed for teenagers. These often feature a study space under the bed and a second bed perfect for inviting a friend to sleep over.

Classic is always in fashion

We can also find designer bunk beds that use classic and sober styles. These pieces create a bedroom frozen in time with dark wooden bunk beds and traditional furniture.

Concrete structure?

These so-called “work bunk beds”, are made of cement and are used mostly in narrow rooms for a modern yet functional look.

Minimalism, dedicated to a rustic style

Bunk beds featuring two beds with a suspended surface in white are ideal for creating a rustic and minimalist atmosphere. To achieve this look, we can include wood panelling on the floor and walls.

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