Buy 30m2 bunk beds for greater efficiency and optimisation of your spaces

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Buy 30m2 bunk beds for greater efficiency and optimisation of your spaces

Buying bunk beds for your accommodation ensures maximum optimisation of space. However, it is important to know what kind of bunk beds adapt best to the room that we want to furnish or our intended project.

As each idea is different and each person has different needs, 30m2 bunk beds are designed to adapt to any space. At 30m2, we manufacture innovative products thanks to a team of expert professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

The 30m2 design and engineering department works with the needs of each client in mind and offers a range of services: from transportation of furniture to the entire assembly process for a complete project cycle.

A bunk bed for each space: buy bunk beds with 30m2

At 30m2, we bring you a selection of bunk beds for each space. However, to make buying bunk beds a simple process, we make a standardised product that meets the general requirements of any bunk bed.

Bunk beds are the essence of everything we do at 30m2.Their simplicity, design and functionality make them the star product since they can be adapted to all types of projects that involve shared facilities.

The structure of the Hostel bunk bed is made of steel metal plate, which is a material that is resistant to any type of damage or impact. They are manufactured to be extra robust to achieve long durability, without sacrificing the unique and original touch of a high-quality product. The Hostel bunk bed is the best option to ensure you offer your guests simple and functional rooms.

Bunk beds with drawers: the locker range

The 30m2 Locker selection makes the most of space. If your goal is to optimise your rooms and be able to maintain order and cleanliness, Locker bunk beds are the best option for your project.

In any shared room, one of the most difficult tasks is to maintain an organised environment. For this reason, at 30m2 we have designed a bunk bed that incorporates lower drawers at ground level in which any type of object can be stored. As an added bonus, these drawers can be customized and accessories like padlocks can be added.

Privacy and intimacy in shared rooms

The Intimate Hostel Bunk Bed manufactured by 30m2 not only incorporates the characteristic bottom drawers of the Locker line, but also includes an added bonus of privacy and comfort thanks to its curtains. This type of bunk bed has become the leading 30m2 range thanks to the exclusive facilities it offers.

The Intimate range offers the option of creating intimate spaces within shared facilities, an advantage that, especially in the case of hostels, youth hostels and other shared accommodation, is especially attractive for travellers.

In addition, these bunk beds feature products including wood or phenolic panels, USB connection and LED power points to help create a unique environment. In addition, you can give your hostel its own character with our personalised curtains, on which you can print the design of your choice, made of fireproof fabric.

Sleep four where you’d normally only sleep two, the formula to save more space: exclusively designed by 30m2

Our Hostel Duo bunk beds offer a refined version of the Hostel Locker and Hostel Intimate bunk beds with double the space and comfort. This means that by using the double format we can obtain more space since the bunk beds are essentially linked together.

The Hostel Duo range offers the most comfortable option in terms of furnishing rooms that require a large number of bunk beds, since it allows for a more enhanced use of space than other bunk beds, in addition to a more unified design.

Buying bunk beds is now easier with 30m2. Do not hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions or get expert advice!