Advantages of functional bunk beds


Advantages of functional bunk beds

Times change, and so does residences, hostels, and homes in general. That is why it is important to take care of every element and at 30m2 we offer the best functional bunk beds so that you can take advantage of all their benefits.

Each person, as well as each room, has its own particular characteristics, that is why we consider it important to satisfy these needs and demands. The functional bunk beds of 30m2 offer all the amenities that the user needs and provide a quality experience and facilitate their rest.

Optimize your space with our functional bunk beds

Our bunk beds allow you to save space in the room because they take advantage of the site so that two people can sleep in the same place that, without them, only one person could do it.

Its verticality allows to gain meters of usable floor where more people could rest or put useful furniture for the guest. In addition, our Locker range includes a locker system under the lower bed to enjoy a storage space.

Ensures that the room is neat and tidy

The 30m2 bunk beds help in the management and organization of the space in which they are located. An example would be the Locker range, locker system mentioned above, which allows the storage of the private belongings of the people occupying each bunk. This is not only useful in hostels where rooms are shared, it also facilitates tidiness in private rooms.

Functional bunk beds with long durability

At 30m2 we design all our products to be as useful and resistant as possible. We want our customers to amortize their initial investment with a functional bunk bed that meets all their requirements and has a long service life. Its quality material guarantees that, even if the years go by, with proper maintenance, it can be preserved as the first day. The bunk beds are made of sheet steel to ensure durability and resistance to scratches and shocks.

Comfortable and safe functional bunk beds

Its structure must have adequate strength and stability to support the weight of the people who can sleep in it, from small children to adults and the elderly. The access steps to the upper bed must be strong and reduce any risk of the person slipping and falling. It is important to maintain safety at all times, so 30m2 functional bunk beds ensure that all hazards are eliminated.

Functional bunk beds with customized design

Functional bunk beds are committed to customization and adaptation to each project. That is why we offer different models and designs to suit the aesthetics of any room or hostel. Our customers can choose different aspects regarding color and logo.

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