Accessories for bunk beds and more accessories: every detail is important

accessories for bunk beds

Accessories for bunk beds and more accessories: every detail is important

When it comes to decorating a tourist establishment or home, people often evaluate current trends and styles in order to make the best choices about how to decorate their space. To help in this process, it is essential to take into account all the accessories that you need to use in your bedroom and, specifically, accessories which can be used for bunk beds.

Features like colours, materials and their durability will be essential when considering how to furnish the space. The most recommended styles if we want to play it safe are neutral or smooth colours that don’t dominate the room. Materials should also be resistant and feel fresh and new over the course of many years.

30m2 strives for the durability and quality design of its products with a high quality range, ideal for furnishing any tourist establishment or home. In addition, we offer delivery and assembly services.

Decoration as a fundamental feature in the visuals of any space

As we have already mentioned, decoration plays a fundamental role in the visual attractiveness of any space. This is even more important when it comes to tourist establishments like hotels, hostels or other shared accommodation.

That is why what is known as the contract sector has been formed, which encompasses all these collective spaces. 30m2 takes into account the needs of this sector without leaving the essential aesthetics and decoration for any space.

Firstly, the colours you opt for play a fundamental role in the decoration and accessories of bunk beds, beds or other furniture. For example, white is a classic favourite for those looking for modern or minimalist styles as it adapts to a huge range of environments and interior designs schemes.

It’s important to note that the use of strong colours is not a disadvantage considering that, if we use them well, they can bring a splash of life to different settings in the details created by vibrant tones. These can interrupt monotony while also retaining harmony at the same time.

Opt for timeless trends

When it comes to rooms where the interior furnishings can last for years without the need for change, it is important to choose longer lasting trends, bearing in mind that the colours, patterns or elements that we choose may seem unattractive or outdated in the long run if we choose fleeting trends.

When it comes to bedrooms, it’s wise to opt for uniform and matt tones to ensure that furniture lasts well over time. Bunk bed accessories should blend with the same style as the respective furniture used so that there is no clash of styles.

Always putting safety first

One of the strengths of 30m2’s products is that they offer complete safety. It’s important to remember that bunk beds must comply with safety regulations in order to mitigate preventable accidents.

At 30m2, all bunk accessories and furniture come with an absolute safety guarantee so that the youngest members of the family can enjoy safe and worry-free rest. Our installation services also ensure that everything is fitted correctly and free of mistakes.

30m2 accessories, bringing added value to your spaces

You can now match your 30m2 bunk beds with our bunk bed accessories. One of 30m2’s star products are our Cubic bedside tables, a piece make an essential addition to any well-rounded room.

The Cubic bedside table is the latest accessory to finish off the Hostel, Locker and Intimate bunk beds. This bedside table with LED light and built-in plug to charge all kinds of devices, is made of melamine and features a depth of 20cm.

These metal bedside tables can be placed between two bunk beds and incorporate four bedside tables or placed between two bunk beds and act as two bedside tables. These options are especially attractive for the tourism sector as they allow a bedside table to be placed in the same space as the bunk bed.

Take advantage of all 30m2’s products and don’t miss out on your bunk bed accessories. Get in touch!