30m2 will participate at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference 2022 (WYSTC) in Lisbon


30m2 will participate at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference 2022 (WYSTC) in Lisbon

30m2 will participate in the World Youth and Student Travel Conference, the global travel event for youth, students and education. The conference will take place in Lisbon from September 27-30.

Since its creation in 1992 as an annual event of the WYSE Travel Confederation, the fair brings together professionals from the youth and student travel and accommodation industry worldwide to meet, negotiate, network and participate in seminars and workshops.

30m2 bunk beds, much more than 2 beds

ITC will attend the World Youth and Student Travel Conference to present its bunk beds and products to all the companies in the tourism sector, such as hostels. The quality offered by 30m2 is incomparable to its competitors. Its excellent service assists all its customers, helping to satisfy their needs and meet their requirements.

While with other brands, there are frequent situations such as delays in the arrival of the product, damages such as scratches and bumps in recently purchased bunk beds, spare parts that never arrive or lockers that do not close; at 30m2 we offer you a flexible but punctual service so that you can enjoy our bunk beds and lockers built from high quality, resistant and solid metal.

Guarantee a rest adequate to the level of your business with the 30m2 bunk beds. Enjoy the best quality bunk beds on the market for your hostel. One of our bunk beds can last for years without any problem or imperfection thanks to its metal structure, which has a great stability so that all guests of your hostel or hostel have a comfortable and safe experience.

Don’t let them keep you awake at night! Enjoy the best quality bunk beds on the market.

All about the World Youth and Student Travel Conference

The World Youth and Student Travel Conference offers unique opportunities for all professionals working in the tourism and accommodation sector:

  • Networking: allows you to meet industry executives for networking. This year, nearly 200 companies are expected to do business at the event.
  • News: presentation of new products, services and markets.
  • Business meetings: the organization of the event facilitates the scheduling of face-to-face business meetings among participants.
  • Seminars and workshops: attend the seminars and workshops of the leading voices of the tourism industry and discover all the data, trends and current topics of debate.

30m2 and its bunk beds for the Contract Sector

30m2 products will be present at the WYSTC in Lisbon, presenting the Smart Reception Point bunk beds and lockers. High quality and resistant products specially designed for the Contract Sector.

Hostel bunk bed, a safe bet

The Hostel bunk bed represents the essence of 30m3; its simplicity, design and functionality have made it one of the star products of the range. The design of this bunk bed allows an optimization of the space to make the most of all the rooms. In addition, it has easy and safe access.

Hostel Locker bunk bed for more storage space

The Hostel Locker bunk bed was created with the objective of obtaining the greatest possible space, therefore, it offers the possibility of incorporating lockers or Crate drawers in the lower bed to introduce any object and thus obtain extra storage space.

Hostel Duo Locker, double the space and double the comfort

The Hostel Duo Locker bunk bed is an improved version of the Locker range. This bunk bed offers the most comfortable option in terms of furnishing the rooms of tourist establishments since its double formula allows an even better use of space than the Hostel Locker. All in a more unified design.

Hostel Intimate Locker, privacy in collective rooms

The Hostel Intimate Locker is trendy for the privacy it offers thanks to its curtains and panels that close the bed compartment. Undisputed leader, the Intimate line offers more intimate spaces within collective facilities.

In addition, this privacy is complemented by the possibility of incorporating lockers or drawers in the lower part of the bed.

Get to know WYSE, the world’s largest network of travel professionals

Previous Stay Wyse Amsterdam and Stay Wyse Miami events are made possible by The World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, a global non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of opportunities for young travelers.

The WYSE global community is the most powerful and extensive network of travel professionals and is comprised of more than 600 members from 120 different countries.