30m2 bunk beds for sale, a commitment to durability and design

bunk beds for sale

30m2 bunk beds for sale, a commitment to durability and design

Bunk beds tend to be used as an ideal piece of furniture for small spaces, where we need that extra space that this type of furniture offers us. However, it is important to know what type of bunk beds are available out there on the market in the first place and the options we have to choose from. At 30m2, we offer a wide selection of beds and bunk beds perfect for furnishing any room or establishment.

Although the original settings where we see bunk beds tend to be hostels, boats, boarding schools and prisons, it is becoming increasingly common to use them in homes, especially in families with several children. Using bunk beds means we can accommodate all children and optimise the space in children’s rooms.

Bunk beds have also become a decorative element that can add to the decoration of a small home without sacrificing other aspects such as design, comfort or utility. When considering all of these factors, it’s clear that bunk beds offer us even more options than regular beds without having to sacrifice any comforts or specifications.

What is 30m2?

At 30m2 Contract Solutions, we manufacture bunk beds and innovative products for the Contract sector. Thanks to a team of professionals and more than 15 years of experience in the sector, we offer the best solutions.

Our engineering and design department works with the needs of each client in mind so that the projects are completely with 100% success. We manufacture products taking maximum care of all processes, while also offering delivery of the product and the assembly process to round off a complete project cycle.

All this translates into innovative products of great quality and durability. Our bunk beds are characterised by their robustness and resistance, without having to give up an attractive design. We study, analyse, develop and manufacture everything so that the bunk beds we sell offer an unbeatable final product.

Who is our target audience?

As we have already mentioned, our products are aimed at the Contract sector. This channel consists of a group of companies demanding and offering activities aimed at the design, manufacture and installation of comprehensive equipment for buildings for group use.

Therefore, our bunk beds are designed exclusively to equip hotels, hostels, hospitals, clinics, student halls of residence, youth hostels and prisons, among a range of other establishments.

Bunk beds for sale

Our main types of bunk bed can be divided :

  • Hostel Selection: the product that 30m2 is best known for, with a steel plate structure and resistant to any impact or blow. If you are looking for a different touch without sacrificing the durability of an excellent product, the Hostel bunk bed is your best option. Its simplicity, design and functionality have made it our star product.
  • Locker selection: with our l ocker bunk beds, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your space thanks to the built-in drawer under the lower part of the bed. These types of bunk beds are especially effective for installation in tourist establishments, as they facilitate cleanliness and order.
  • Duo selection: offering twice the space and comfort, the Hostel Duo Locker bunk bed is an even more perfected version of our Locker range. Its double format allows for a better use of space than the Hostel bunk bed and an even more unified design.
  • Intimate Selection: a design with privacy and comfort firmly in mind, the intimate range offers the option of creating more intimate spaces within community facilities. Both beds feature the incorporation of curtains to achieve more intimate and exclusive spaces.

Other products

We are currently facing a challenging global situation. Covid-19 has brought with it a complete rethink of structures and spaces. Bearing this in mind, at 30m2 we offer a selection of products designed exclusively to help fight the coronavirus.

From anti-contagion separating screens to sanitising posts and disinfectant spray guns, our products reduce the possibility of contagion and strengthen protection to create cleaner and safer spaces.

Discover all of the bunk beds we offer to make your rooms unique. Get in touch!